Company Resume

RAC Industrial Supply, formerly known as Inteser Forwarding, began in 2007 in Hidalgo, Texas. From the beginning, we worked hard to be an industrial supplier that provided quality products, materials and services to all of our clients. Today, our broad knowledge and years of experience help us reach clients, not only in the state of Tamaulipas, but to nearly all parts in the Gulf of Mexico.

In 2011, Suministros Industriales RAC, S.A. de C.V. was established as our representative in Mexico to better serve our clients. S.I.R.A.C’s entity within our corporate structure has helped us increase the quality of our services allowing us to be closer to all of our valued customers. Inteser Forwarding, LLC manages the import/export, logistics and delivery service of all material to the end user.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance the productivity of our clients, optimize their projects, reduce their bottom line cost and increase their project turn around. Inteser Forwarding, LLC is constantly striving to fortify relations with companies for the purpose of becoming the sole source of supply for all of our clients.